Sunday, January 3, 2010

My cool new friend

I don’t usually write anything related to me or what’s happening in my life but I couldn’t resist writing about a cool friend I have made in the last one year. Now this guy epitomizes coolness, ‘I don’t give a dam about the world’ and fearlessness. I totally love his company and lately we have been hanging together a lot. Though he is much smarter and wittier than me and never misses a chance to mock me or make me sound like an idiot but anything for good times with him. Let’s call him Mr S. Though he wouldn’t even know if I write his name here as he does not use internet a lot and totally not into Blogs.
Now S really loves automobiles. Be it a cycle, motorbike or car. Now his interest in is not of the type where people lust for dream machines with cool Ferrari wallpapers on their desktop for the sake of coolness quotient associated with these sexy cars. He is in love with cars. He gets up every morning, inspects his car (ok, his dad’s car, he still hasn’t started earning, still studying) for any scratches, inspects the tyre for air pressure. And god forbid if any visible scratch is found on the body, he brings the whole house down asking who has done it . Then he diligently washes the car, followed by a bike wash. He takes painstaking detail in washing the bike, making sure that every spike of the bike’s tyre gets cleaned. Heck he does not mind cleaning even his neighbor’s car if it’s dirty. He loves going on drives and has pestered every car owner in our street for a drive. Needless to say I have done it almost every week since months now.
Once it so happened that my dad who lives in a different city, left his car with me for a month. Now S was elated to see another car in my possession. And asked me for a drive. I explained him that this is dad’s car and I would only take it out once a week to keep the battery alive and he is welcome for a drive then. But the lazy person I am, I did not drive the car for 3 weeks and when finally I decided to take the car out, S was with me, all gung ho for a ride in a different car. But the car refused to start. I feared the battery must have gone weak. Now S loves cars, not just his car, any car. Like some people believe in humanity, he believes in Carity! He was horrified to find that the car was not in a good condition and blamed me that I did not take proper care of my car. This is how the conversation went then (though the language was hindi, I am translating it for non-hindi speakers,if any)

S: You are responsible for this. This is not good. Your dad should be told about it.
Me: dude, give me a break, this is just a small trouble, cars take time in winters to crank up, specially a bit older ones.
S: I don’t know anything, you were told to do something and you did not, give me your mobile , I am goanna talk to aunty about this (my mom)
Me: Are you kidding me, forget it.
S: Give me the phone.
Me: You are nuts.

I dialed my mom’s number and let him talk. He complained like a primary school student would to his teacher. Aah, so much for the love of a car.

Last week we got our home painted, it took about a month and when it was done, we re-did the furniture and other arrangement in the guest rooms, shifting the wall hangings and TV and almost everything. Now S is a super observant guy. He came to visit me yesterday and once again found everything on the wall re-arranged in a different order. He instantly remarked on watching it- “Don’t you have anything else to do? The watch was this wall the other day, now it is on this wall, what is happening, enough of it and do something else” . I didn’t mind much, simply ignored him.
And as a custom, he pestered me for a drive. I decided to take dad’s car. While driving, I just drove little too sloppily, swaying to the left and then suddenly right and tried some more antics, just to show off my driving skills. I thought S would love it.

Me: - See, I too can drive like they do in the television.
S: - dude you never did it in your car, I know you are doing this because it is your dad’s car. I get it dude.
Me: - where on earth did you get that idea from, you are nuts!!

There are many more wonderful incidents with this young lad, he just fills the room with spark with his presence and energy levels and the enthusiasm for life and everybody loves him. Lately, he is getting quite jealous of his neighbor’s have brought as his dad just has a modest and humble santro. He is now pestering his dad to buy a new one, any car will do, but it should be bigger than the corolla, features and comfort do not matter to him!

And he believes that my brother who has gone to America for higher studies is more intelligent than me, since I am still working and he chose to study and often taunts me as being ‘Dimag se paidal’ 
Oh and did I mention that Mr S is just four and a half years old!


  1. OMG! four and a half yrs old !?! Kids are so witty these days!

    'Like some people believe in humanity, he believes in Carity!' lol :)

    And that was funny..of how he called your mom on seeing the car in a bad condition.I mean its specially funny after knowing that your cool new friend is just 4 n a half ;)

    Happy New Year!

  2. :O
    i was thinking "S is really nuts!"
    and then, he is 4!!!
    now i understand y he cares so much abt size and less abt the stuff!
    he is so cute :) loving car and washing in up etc :)
    nice write up Karan!! We were totally duped at the final sentence! :D
    say HI to S from me!!

  3. agreed wid smalltown_girl
    its lik laughterEnding...btw his lov abt interiors is interestng.

    Kids r really cooool