Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coming soon: Mankind's greatest invention since sliced bread

If you compile the list of modern times' greatest inventions then sliced bread,Viagra,TV are bound to get top spots (Fire and wheel are important too, but they are so boringly old now!)
But guess what could be the mother of all inventions? I read in papers yesterday that scientists are working on a pill to erase bad and embarassing memories!!!!!!!!!

Imagine,just imagine, can there be a better thing than that. It can be a cure for all non bacterial and non virus related troubles.

And guess what could be the biggest use of it : Curing heartbreaks!
What more ?

Failed in exams, wanna forget it - take a pill.
Friends had a nasty quarrel, and there egos are stopping them for calling each other back ? - Mix a pill in thier beers next time they gather at a common party!

It can solve the bloody world issues too. Seriously. Simply shove one pill down the guts of all world leaders,military generals. That would stop the border conflicts at least. Indian and Pakistani leaders could forget about the past and could surely make a new beginning.

Movie makers who are wary of their movie's success (or confident of it being a dud) can distribute these pills free with the tickets and encourage viewers to have a pill while going out of the theater so that they can leave the bad experience inside :)

And its better than Viagra. Because if it so happens that you take Viagra and still end up with a bad show, you can take up this mother of all pills the next morning and forget about the embarrassment the previous night :P

PS: - I am looking forward to it.
PPS: - And I dont use viagra!!