Saturday, October 30, 2010

Facebook is a stupid idiot!!

Deep down inside I too know that Facebook is a stupid idiot but I still love it.
The irony of the matter is that the only way people are telling each other that Facebook is a stupid idiot is through Facebook!!

Do watch the complete song.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Reason behind Why USA is the most advanced country found out!

I think I have cracked the real reason behind why America is the most advanced country in the world.

What is the common binding factor among HP (Hewlett Packard), Apple, Google, Ebay, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Digg ?

Yes they all got started in America. But there is something more. All of these companies started in a Garage.

Don’t you get it? It is the presence of Garage in the Real Estate in USA that inadvertently caused creation of these companies. Any creation requires innovation and innovation generally happens when you have your own peaceful den, where you are a free soul and can do what you want to do without the hustle bustle of household chores and distractions. That’s what garages provide you. It is mind’s fertile playground which gives rise to imagination and idea creation. Almost all American homes have garages whereas almost none of the Indian homes or Chinese homes have garages like the ones I am talking about.

So now we know what has to be done to achieve the growth goals of India. Make garages and let the teenagers and youngsters recline and unwind in there.