Sunday, December 20, 2009

Of Sun rise and late rise!

This is what happens when you haven't gotten up early since months. I am a chronic late riser(thats post 10 for me) and get to see sun rise about once a quarter! So today when I had to get up early morning, I sleep walked out to the balcony and the moment I looked at the hazy sun, my mind whispered to me: "aah, what a beautiful sunset"!! Errr ... it took me about 5 seconds to register the fact that its a sunrise and not a sunset. I guess thats why they say to stick to the ways of nature and its not healthy to sleep late and get up late and blah blah!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It doesn’t matter
It doesn’t matter what road you take
The road may be lonely
There could be obstacles
It doesn’t matter
The road could lead to a wonderland
The companions may be intriguing
It doesn’t matter
You may stop in the middle
It doesn’t matter
What matters is when you decide to stop; you should have a story to tell, YOUR story.