Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things I hope Science could do

I) Invent something to copy text from my PC monitor and paste in my writing pad or mobile.
II) A Ctrl F in books and a Ctrl F to locate glasses, purse and stuff like that in home.
III) Read people’s intentions to help you classify them instantly into “Will be great friend” or “Will backstab, keep away” or to classify boss’ sermon into “Truly means it” or “Sugar coated shit, do not pay attention”.
IV) Hunger dousing pills for occasions when you have no time at all or are too bogged down and depressed to even move a finger to arrange food!
V) Selective target honking – A lot of times while in traffic I want to honk away to glory for an idiot doing antics on road in front of me, but do not want to bother a nice guy adjacent to the idiot. There should be something to address this. Something like “Beep beep idiot UP 16 9305”!
VI) A mechanism to find songs on internet by tunes. Often it happens that you hear a short or a distant catchy tune and so desperately want to find the song, but cant. Google gods listening?
VII) A way to test out a kid and decide what would be the best career for him, wherein as they say “Love what you do and you won’t have to work for a day”. People spend lifetime and realizing what they love and what they want to do (professionally, career wise). If only there was a way out right at the beginning. Just suck out 10ml of blood, send the sample for test and tell the kid (I think class 10th is the right time) what career works best for him/her.
VIII) Cure pain for once and all, ALL Sort of, EVERY Sort of. Finger, legs, knees, head, heart!

Friday, November 13, 2009

If Ramayana was on Facebook :)

I normally resist putting content from forward mails as blog posts, but this was hilarious.
Disclaimer: Not my creation. A Hi5 to the creator!
Please click on the image and it would display clearly. I dont know why it does not in the post. Tried all settings.