Friday, June 17, 2011

Religion should be confined within the walls.

It's good to love the Gods and believe in their powers and doing stuff to appease them. I have no problems with that. But who gave you the rights to do these stuff on the road, right on the road, during maddening office rush hours when men and women possessing sanity and wisdom are on the verge of nervous breakdown.

We need to learn some civic sense. Serving cold sweet water to everyone and anyone may be an act of "Punya kamana" but the half a kilometer long trail of traffic jam is no sweet a sight and the ensuing tempers of those caught in the jam, is far away from being sweet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life is unfair

It is unfair that life is fair for someone and unfair for others. And I am not being jealous here. My only grudge here is that the for those privileged ones for whom life isn't exaclty a battle and struggle of household budgets and existence and completing chores should be considerate for the others.
Baaki life hain, chalti rahegi!