Sunday, December 20, 2009

Of Sun rise and late rise!

This is what happens when you haven't gotten up early since months. I am a chronic late riser(thats post 10 for me) and get to see sun rise about once a quarter! So today when I had to get up early morning, I sleep walked out to the balcony and the moment I looked at the hazy sun, my mind whispered to me: "aah, what a beautiful sunset"!! Errr ... it took me about 5 seconds to register the fact that its a sunrise and not a sunset. I guess thats why they say to stick to the ways of nature and its not healthy to sleep late and get up late and blah blah!!


  1. hehe :P

    I used to b a late riser nw i need to report to work at 10am.. :((

  2. lol :)

    But waking up early morning makes you feel a lot more fresh and equally tiresome by the end of the day :D