Sunday, January 10, 2010

You have started growing old when ...

As soon as you are done with your haircut, the nai (there are some words which should be adopted in the english dictionary. there is no way I could call nai a barber or hairdresser!!) asks, "Sir, anything else, HAIRCOLOR ?"

I never had a stronger urge to hit back somebody!

I realized that moment that nothing could hit hard. This is it. I am growing old!

Or wait a minute. lets change that to feel better. Some of my hair strands are growing old.


  1. may be he meant the mahagony red shades or rather awesome highlights.
    then its time u rename him hair dresser :P

  2. smalltown_girl ,I hope he meant that, I would want to believe so ;)

  3. lol...i second small town girl..

    btw, how old r u? :P

  4. lol never mind..the 'nai' must be too habitual of asking that.