Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reality Show For The Brainy! - Unleash the CEO

Disclaimer: - This is a competition where I am associated as an organizer. I have a vested interest to promote it :)

Unleash the CEO is a multi city 3 staged competition to find the best CEO potential candidate. You can call it a reality show with a difference. You won't have to face a deluge of abuses (We have no raghu and the likes).
You would be put into simulated environment where you would face challenges that a CEO faces in his job.

It's a 3 staged competition. The first stage is an Online test for 30 mins that would be open to participants in next two days.

Eminent CEOs from the industry would judge the final participants in an exciting and thrilling round on 3rd of April at Hyaat Regency, Pune.  Ganesh Natrajan, CEO - Zensar Technologies would be one of the esteemed panelists to judge the last round participants.

Winner takes home Rs 500,000 and runner ups Rs 200,000.

Give it a shot fellow bloggers.  Join http://www.facebook.com/UnleashTheCEO for registration, rules,event schedule and constant updates and mini contests.

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  1. After checking our potential to be a CEO they will handover some bucks and show us the door?