Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What are they selling?

As students of marketing (I am doing an year long MBA, that is one reason of long hiatus at the blog) we were required to study a product in the retail outlets in the city.

I was blown away with the kind of communication these products had on their packaging.

Here are some of the things mentioned on the packaging of this product. Let me see if you could guess what is the product.

i) Aloe Vera
ii)Milk Protein

The product I am talking about is Mosquito Repellents. Yes that is how the sticky,smelly old Odomos is being sold now. With fancy packaging of Gel, Cream (packaging looks like facewash and smells great too) and even Lotions.

Dear marketers, thats some smart innovation and lot of lies to sell something so poisonous!

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