Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why bother waking up Sid

Wake Up Sid is not a bad movie. But that is the only compliment I can give to it. With an interesting star cast of Ranbir Kapoor, Konkana Sen and 15 funkiest Tees you would have ever seen on the bollywood big screen, you are left wanting more.
The movie does not entertain, does not blow you away, does not bring a smile or a tear, in fact it does not invoke much emotions. You don’t empathize with the character of Sid at all, which is absolutely necessary for the genre of movie Wake Up Sid intends to be.

Every scene ends up being predictable. There is one scene when the camera pans through a office cabin’s door, with the name of the person (who happens to be Konkana Sen’s boss) written on the entrance. At this point its already let known to the viewer that they are about to see Konkana’s boss. Before this scene, Konkana talks a bit about her boss. Before we get to see the boss, I thought to myself, this sounds like Rahul Khanna (the kind of role he did in love aaj kal, intellectual, good looking, charming, talented and witty boss). And I hadn’t heard even once before watching the movie,that he has a role in it, and there he was standing with his characteristic half-smile (his brother can even manage a quarter-smile!) I mean how cliché can you get, the same kind of boss we have seen in many movies. She is in awe of her initially, he asks her out, she denies, he still remains the charming lovely boss. Give me a break, we have seen this boss too many times in recent past, and that too the same actor doing it!!

And lets move on to Mr Sid. He is living life in the lap of luxury. He has this servant called chotu, who looks more ambitious and intelligent than him. Now I have no problem with spoilt brats living life to the hilt on daddy’s money. But if the movie wants us to show his growing up into a man who realizes that there has to be a direction in life, it ought to dug deep in a character, how he feels about life, his dilemmas, why he feels so, his struggle with life, I mean something on the lines of lakshya’s hrithik roshan…

All Sid does is learn to cook an egg and roam around an apartment clicking random snaps with an expensive looking camera, which again is nothing but a rich guy’s toy bought on dad’s money!

The only saving grace is extremely good looking Ranbir Kapoor and refreshing music. Sometimes I wonder why bollywood makes movies. Can’t they just release songs and promos?

In the end, I would like to pay tribute to the guy who invented the popcorn, without which I wouldn’t have been able to continue sitting in the second half of many bollywood movies.


  1. I couldn't agree more!

    Wake Up Sid is one overrated film. I thought it was OKAY.

    The film is really predictable. But I smiled and I cried. I even laughed.

    In the end, I would like to pay tribute to the guy who invented the popcorn, without which I wouldn’t have been able to continue sitting in the second half of many bollywood movies..Oh c'mon..

  2. But Karan we had popcorn in the first half :)

    Yes I agree with you, the movie is quite predictable and there has already been couple of movies on the same subject.

    You can say in the end he learned how to cook an egg, but I think he also realized the talent he has in him, i.e. to use "rich guy's toy" in clicking some great pictures.

    BTW, that "rich guy's toy" is a SLR/DSLR and soon you will see one in my hands and then it would no more be a rich guy's toy :)

  3. Swats, I almost sat through the movie like a zombie, except when that cute kid was "hitting" on kashmira shah!!

    Varun buddy SLR or no SLR,you ARE a rich guy :)

  4. Its just a one time watch but I still liked it inspite of being predictable.

    There were certain things which were moulded well.It may not be a good pacakage overall but it had some really nice moments.

  5. Just happened to bump into your blog via another. And I have to say, I enjoyed Wake Up Sid. Wouldn't watch it again, but it was fun for what's its worth. Going in to it, I knew it would be like watching the equivalent of a summer novel on screen. Nothing too deep, but nothing too shallow either. Just barely scarping the surface of depth, but still entertaining. It was just that, entertaining. :)

    I do agree though that it would be nice to see more versatility in Bollywood movies. They're getting better, at least all the movies don't revolve around family drama anymore, lol.

  6. Archana,welcome to the blog. I think I had a lot of expectations,blame it on the promos!
    It wasnt bad,but thats about it.

  7. and I haven't seen it till now! In other news I saw "ajab prem ki gajab kahani" and that was also random. Nothing much to talk home about!