Sunday, August 23, 2009

You love your music when :

1) You start head banging when your ear buds stream out your favorite number oblivious of the surroundings.
2) You can spend hours in a mall and enjoy the music playing in the stores more than the latest collection on display and the hot chics around.
3) You have no clue about guitar except that its cool and has 6 strings but that doesn’t stop you from strumming away to glory (Air guitar).
4) If you don’t know what’s air guitar, you aren’t a true rock lover (except in the case when you can play the real one)
5) When in a movie, you go out for the popcorns, pepsi and loo when there are no songs playing, unlike others.
6) You can watch a movie again and again and again at a theater for its music/songs (I have used three agains because that’s where I stopped, watching DevD thrice!)
7) When out of the bath you start doing things in point 1 and 3 together,if there is your favrite number playing around, unmindful of the towel hanging precariously around your waist (Generally applicable to men!)
8) While driving alone, you enjoy traffic jams because that gives you more time to spend listening to your music in a otherwise busy day.
9) This scores over all other points: while driving to office if you have to choose between two routes, often you find yourself taking the more crowded one so that point 8 is fulfilled!
10) You spend a lot of time on youtube searching for acoustic and live performances of your favorite numbers.


  1. Point 8 and 9 suggest delinquency.

    Point 10 is totally applicable to me :D

  2. Yeah thats deliquency, but I make it up with a late stay, if required :)

  3. Nice post :)

    Lol@point 5..Is it not the other way around? :P
    Man! You're a true music buff

    Meri ek second ki film bhi nahi waste honi chahiye..chahe kitni hi nonsensical ho..woh bachpan se hai mujhe mein..pata ne

    I can listen to music all day..But my kind of music..Chk my post for more..

    PS: These days m completely hooked to youtube..not for music but to know more abt 'crunches', 'twisted crunches' and 'reverse crunches' :P

  4. Swats, point 5 holds true when the songs are better than the storyline, take love aaj kal for example :)
    And crunches and twisted crunches ... :P
    All the best with your weighty endeavors :)
    Youtube didnt helped me a lot with this...

  5. You certainly love your music when you write a post on 'you love your music when' ;)

    Nice one :)

    I like the 3rd one a lot.I find it pretty cool!

    And a hi-5 for the 8th one.So true!

  6. sugar cube, thanks for the point 11 :)