Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How much electricity does a headlight really waste?

I am sure that if you have ridden a bike or a scooter in India, this would have happened to you. How man times did it happen that you rode with the headlights turned on during daytime and people on the road end up signaling to you that your headlights are on.
This amuses me to no ends. I mean why would you care about a switched on headlight?
Of all the things that should not be happening on a road and demand a greater interest as a citizen or rather roadizen, why would a humble, feeble bulb bother?

Why not the street lights left on during day, the garbage heaps in the open … I can think of tens of other anomalies on the Indian roads.

And yet I get signaled to turn off my headlight and with such care and concern as if the world’s existence depends upon that headlight being turned off.

Why? :)


  1. LOL..Ive never driven a bike, but yeah, ppl r quick to caution u..blame it on human tendency :P

    But u rightly pointed out other significant issues..garbage, street light, etc..

    Thnx fr stopping by :)

  2. Friend, it's not about electricity. The working is, headlight needs electricity which comes from battery and the battery is charged when engine runs and this needs fuel, which when burns causes pollution. So, the more you waste battery power by keeping headlight on in daylight, the more fuel will be burned to charge up the battery, thus, low mileage and bigger hole in your pocket. So, people are not concerned about wastage of electricity, but about the hole that is getting bigger, with a headlight on, on a software engg's pocket. :-D

    And about garbage. I have seen many well educated people who say that India is a big garbage bin and they never give a second thought while littering.

  3. Thanks for visting swats, hope you had a great interview :)

    Varun,I think i know those educated people you are referring to :D

  4. Did you know that if you start up your bike with the headlight on, it's a tremendous load on your battery??

    Well, it's at least true with cars... My mom screams every time I forget to switch off the headlight when turning off the car, or power on the engine with the headlights on...

  5. yeah..it was gr8..but im considering other options as well :)

    I want to FOLLOW ur blog..put up tht widget, no?

  6. You are right unsung, and I too am careful with the car headlights...

    Swats, I am still tweaking around and getting to know blogspot.com and the widgets and all, will put up one for sure.