Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today i defeat procrastination!

People, this blog is a product of sheer hard work and sweat. I really worked hard for more than a year to overcome my two pals : laziness and procrastination, who were really against the idea of spending time and energy on a blog. There has been a lot,a lot getting stored up in the 50 gms of grey matter i possess and i thought i should do it a favor by getting out some of it on the www. I wonder why is the internet called world wide web, when only about a quarter of the globe's population use it. It should ideally be called QWWW, quarter world wide web.

This post is really not a post. I am writing it because just starting a blog without any post didnt really feel a nice idea. But not all of it would be blabber. Blabber would be limited to just 99% of the total content. There would be posts on serious issues also, which I strongly feel about.

More on me later, my two pals are waiting for me, we have been childhood buddies and i cant make them wait when they need me.

And thanks to a very special friend who helped me in defeating procrastination today. i sometimes call HER balboa.

i will be back. (No there is no way that can be arnold style,I am not even one fifth of him)

PS:- i instead of I is deliberate. More on that later!


  1. That's a wonderful first post. Congrats on beating the demons (yes, they are demons and not your pals)
    You are already becoming my favorite blogger :)

  2. And please remove this word verification thing. It is useless and irritating :)

  3. QWW---what an idea sir jee

    I guess first it was SAbeer Bhatia with Hot mail and now it is Karan Bhatai with his ingenious QWWW